brian-aboutThe focus of this brand, Bastella, is to bring products into one’s home or work environment that showcase a harmonious connection between the modern, technological world that many of us live in to the natural world.  We are part of one large ecosystem and it is important to remember this continuity in the midst of the fast paced world of modern society.

The rich textures of the cork-like bark and the unique enigmatic quality of the lichen are the tangible elements of nature contrasting and connecting to the industrial materials of aluminum, steel and acrylic.  The Usnea Lichen(the stringlike variety) continues to slowly grow within the module thus creating a type of laboratory to witness the wondrous behavior of this amazing organism!  All materials from the forest are very ethically harvested. For example, the Antler Lichen grows for many decades on tree branches and will only be collected if it has fallen to the ground. The bark is taken from fallen trees and will effortlessly pull away from pulp underneath when ready.

It is my desire as a designer and as a strong proponent for the conservancy of our natural habitats to bring forth to you objects that hopefully will touch you as I am touched in my journeys into the natural world.

All the best,

Brian Arthur